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General Plastics, Inc. manufactures tough, hi-impact plastic fittings for under slab, raised floors and crawl space heating and air conditioning systems. Our fittings, if properly installed, are airtight, watertight, easy to install and either meet or exceed most construction codes. May also be used for exhaust and ventilation as per local codes.

General Plastics, Inc. has the economical alternative to rust-prone sheet metal fittings. When sheet metal fittings rust and corrode, mold and bacteria are introduced into the air of the home. Our fittings are non-corrosive, which keeps the contaminants out and the "healthy air" in.

The replacement cost of the materials used under a concrete slab can reach astronomical levels, if the problem can be repaired at all. General Plastics, Inc. has designed fittings and duct pipe that will outlast the house.

General Plastics, Inc.'s fittings can be glued and secured to our recommended heat and air duct pipe*, insuring an airtight, watertight system. So use the best plastic fittings and boxes, manufactured by General Plastics, Inc., designed to outlast the home and provide "healthy air."

*General Plastics' heat and air duct pipe is SDR 81, which is most commonly used for under slab duct systems.

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General Plastics, Inc. 3500 North Harrison Shawnee, Oklahoma  74804 888-275-3171

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